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Growing Marijuana from a Seed Start

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 10, 2021

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How Are Marijuana Seeds Made?

Cannabis plants, by their very nature, share many aspects of their life-cycles, their chemical makeups, their diets and their mating habits with humans. That doesn’t mean that breeding cannabis plants needs an explicit content warning; what it does mean is that, in order to make seeds, certain forms of male and female systems must merge.

Mother Nature knows how to make this happen naturally. When the male plant is mature, he sprouts bunches of beautiful white flowers, packed with pollen. When females mature, they produce the calyx, from which sprout long, sticky tendrils called pistils. These pop up all over the plant and, those female plants which have flowered at the right time, may catch the pollen from the male and become fertilized. As her flowers mature, so do the seeds born of the blending and, come the onset of fall, the seeds burst forth, or they are carried away by birds. These seeds will sprout in the spring or, in warmer climates, where we find our sativas, there may be a natural perpetual harvest.

In controlled environments, where it is imperative that males and females remain separated, breeders act as the wind, collecting the pollen from healthy males and applying it to healthy females. This way, they are able to breed only the specimens with the characteristics they are looking for, thus creating fantastic new strains. There is one other means by which we may obtain seeds from our plants, but we will revisit that in just a minute.

How Do We Test For Seed Viability?

When choosing your cannabis seeds, there are a few basic principles which are fundamental in trusting the process. If you follow these simple guidelines, you should never have to worry about your seeds’ viability.

Never trust a bagseed: A lot of effort goes into growing great green. So much so that to waste months of training, feeding, watering and hopefully flowering on something you aren’t sure of, makes little sense. Marijuana is tricky and, if we just go off willy-nilly, we may never learn how to fully appreciate these plants and what they can do for us.

Research your strains: Good seeds are expensive and, of course, growing them is too. If you take your time and do some research to find the right combination of strains to suit your lifestyle, then you are much better off. This principle of learning all we can before diving into practical application will save you time, energy, and money, and it just makes sense.

Choose the right genetics: Once you have found appropriate strains, talked about them among your cannabis communities and are satisfied enough to move forward. Finding the distributor with the right genetics is paramount. Too many times have we seen consumers get excited to start a grow, they do everything right, but in the end, they come up with nothing. Do not miss this message: choose the right genetics.

If you follow these simple guidelines, there is no reason for you to ever worry about viability; however, sometimes we get excited and want to plant what we find. Try soaking these seeds in a small cup of water overnight. Those seeds which have made their way to the bottom, you can be sure, are at least hydrated enough to try. Separate these and place them in some basic potting soil and, in a few days, if they haven’t popped, they are probably not going to.

What Are The Signs Of A Spoiled Or Damaged Seed?

There are many signs of damaged seed, some of which are visible and some of which are not. There are some marijuana seed started kits out there which arrive complete and ready to go. Nine times out of ten, the seeds contained within have either dried out, have been damaged in transport or are nowhere near the genetic quality required for success.

Aside from the obvious crushed seed, damage can also come from too little humidity for the seed to remain viable, though they only need 10-20%, which is very low, and they can keep for a long time. If you tried the towel method and nothing happened, it could be that there was a bit too much moisture and the seed rotted, which can also happen with soaking if you are not careful. The same thing can happen if you direct sow and provide too much water. The seed becomes waterlogged, the roots don’t form and the seed dies. Another beginner’s soil mistake is to plant them too deep. These beans should only be planted a quarter of an inch or to your first knuckle, max, and given only a few drops of water!

If you can find no visible damage, you know the seeds were not dried out, and you are certain that you have performed your germination strategy correctly, genetics is the only thing left. Maybe they were harvested too early or too late, but the genetics in them are incapable of providing the information that seed needs to grow. This is why we reiterate the importance of finding the right distributor.

Pot should be fun and it sucks that there are some seriously bummer genes out there. We know this and we get it. We have had experience with this, which is why Weed Seeds USA is dedicated to providing the highest quality seeds we can find, so you can grow great green, every time.

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