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Best Places To Farm Marijuana

Growing Weed Outdoors

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: February 7, 2021

Taking a Look at the Best Places to Grow Cannabis Outdoors

As marijuana becomes more widely accepted across the nation, more people are choosing to grow their own stockpiles of this diverse and versatile plant. Doing so allows them the freedom to take advantage of all cannabis’ benefits. It also gives them a better selection and more control over the potency and quality of their buds to name a few advantages. Of course, being able to reap the full benefits of marijuana requires first finding the perfect place to grow your American cannabis seeds.

Indoor Versus Outdoor Growing

Each cannabis cultivation method has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Indoor weed seed growers have complete control over their plants’ growing environments. It doesn’t matter if you live in California or Wyoming, since the indoor climate can be kept consistent. They have the freedom to regulate the amounts of heat, light, air, water and nutrients their plants receive to improve the size and quality of their yields. Hydroponic farming techniques use far less water and other resources, so they are better for the environment.

All that being said, growing marijuana indoors takes quite a bit more time, effort and care than outdoor cultivation. Plants raised inside depend on you for all the elements they need to thrive. You are responsible for providing nutrient-rich soil, adding water as needed, controlling the amount and intensity of light the pot plants receive, and regulating temperature and air quality among other aspects. That is a lot to take on especially for first-time growers.

Though it is possible to produce a healthy, bountiful marijuana crop inside, the great outdoors is the best environment for growing. When you grow cannabis outside, Mother Nature typically provides everything the plants need in just the right amounts to help them flourish. Of course, you will still need to monitor your crop in case it needs a little human intervention from time to time.

Keeping Your Marijuana Crop Safe

Although water, light, heat, air and nutrients are necessary for cultivating healthy cannabis crops, they are not the only elements to consider. Privacy is also a major concern. If your marijuana plants are out in the open where they are most likely to receive plenty of sunlight, water and air, they are also more exposed to prying eyes. This could leave you vulnerable to crop theft and property destruction to name a few potential hazards.

Also keep in mind there are limits and regulations regarding how many plants you’re legally allowed to grow and what you can do with them following harvest. In North Dakota, for example, you can only grow with a medicinal license if you live more than 40 miles from a dispensary. If you want to just grow for recreational purposes, you are going to have to keep your plants relatively covert.

Thinking in Terms of Space

On top of all those other factors, setting aside the right amount of space is crucial for a home cannabis garden. When scouring the internet for information on this topic, you will find a variety of opinions. In general, marijuana seeds need to be planted about three feet apart. This will ensure they have plenty of room to spread out and breathe once they begin growing.

By those standards, even people who do not have a great deal of outdoor space can find plenty of room for their marijuana crops. If you are growing for personal use and are not an unusually heavy smoker, those four legally acceptable plants should produce enough buds to keep you going from one harvest to the next. Of course, some people like to plant a few extras just in case some seeds fail to sprout, or growth does not quite pan out as planned.

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