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The best 420 crop relies on quality seeds. Effective seeds arrive ready for use and with a healthy and shiny coating. Dry and brittle seeds or those with a cracked shell could have a pest infestation or prove infertile. The top wholesale 420 seeds from Weed Seeds USA will give consumers a reliable product from some of the most popular strains in the country.

Growing cannabis from seeds requires people to understand as much as possible about the strains they choose. The descriptions listed below provide a guide to newcomers of the strains they may want to sample first. Choose THC or CBD 420 seeds that encourage deep thinking and meditative moods or those that create relaxed and happy feelings. Other strains available allow the smoker to enjoy a sociable, euphoric, and creative-minded high.

What are 420 Seeds?

When consumers buy 420 seeds, they want a plant that will provide them with a bud perfect for smoking. Popular strains produce fast maturing and leafy plants with large buds that thrive in changing temperatures and lighting conditions. All wholesale 420 seeds for sale online to recreational users should grow easily for first-time home farmers. The strength and the effect the plant has will depend on the strain.

Each smoker knows how they want their cannabis to make them feel. Some people want a medicinal CBD strain with no psychotropic reaction. Other smokers prefer a heavy dose of THC that lets them experience a new reality with every use. American 420 seeds make either result possible and many other unique experiences.

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How are 420 Seeds Made?

Look for cannabis seeds in the flowers of the female plants. Pot seeds typically develop about 4-6 weeks after pollination and become easily visible around the pollinated buds. The inspection of the plants should begin around four weeks after pollination, so harvesting takes place as soon as possible. Mature cannabis seeds turn a dark tan or light brown and have a hardened shell. Storage or germination should take place immediately after the harvest.

The natural behavior of cannabis plants enables feminized varieties to exist. Cannabis plants normally contain genetic material that allows each plant to either become male or female. A female cannabis plant can self-pollinate if it becomes stressed or does not believe a male will pollinate it soon enough. Fluctuations in the lighting or temperatures or any damage to a female plant can cause enough stress for self-pollination.

Feminized seeds will only produce a feminized plant. Every plant of this type will automatically self-pollinate. The plants also produce only feminized plants because they do not contain any male genetic material. Growers typically start with a larger marijuana crop than desired because they have no way to know if a plant will become male or female. A lack of female plants may not allow them to have a large enough harvest to meet their needs.

Male cannabis plants contain levels of THC too low to produce a high when smoked. Regardless of the strain, most male plants also do not produce adequate concentrates. The male/female ratio may not concern commercial farmers who harvest extensive fields, but it affects smaller recreational growers. The average individual with limited room must consider the potential benefits of using feminized 420 seeds.

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What Types Of 420 Seeds Are There?

A diverse 420 seed bank exists for consumers that want to sample a variety of strains that come from a distinct species of cannabis. The species includes Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis and can determine the size of the plant, its growing needs, and the strength of the strain. The species and strain combinations produce unique flavors and aromas.

Every shopper has unique preferences, so no strain or species is best for everyone. The variety of options available enables nearly anyone to find a taste and scent they enjoy in a species that gives them the effect they want. Some consumers shop only for the best bud to smoke, and others prefer versatile 710 Four Twenty seeds that are also acceptable for use as a concentrate. Anyone with questions about what type of strain would meet their needs should call about 420 seeds USA at 1-844-807-1234 or email ok@weed-seeds.com.

An understanding of each species helps people to learn more about what certain strains add to the final product. The knowledge makes it easier to narrow down an almost endless array of options before they order 420 seeds.

Indica 420 Strains

The strains that come from this species typically help people to feel more relaxed. The plants often have broad leaves and a stout appearance. Some Indica strains may cause paranoia in people prone to the emotion or to those who suffer from anxiety issues. Avoidance of all USA 420 seeds for Indica strains is unnecessary even for those with anxiety, because not everyone has an adverse response.

Sativa 420 Strains

A comfortable head and body high with a boost of energy accompanies most Sativa strains. Some may increase appetite and make sleep more difficult. Many Sativa strains work as medicinal weed. Common uses today include helping to reduce anxiety, depression, and pain.

Ruderalis 420 Strains

Ruderalis is an auto-flowering species that grows wild across Russia and Central Asia.  It is a popular choice for hybrid creation. Ruderalis strains often stay smaller than other species and have fewer branches. The naturally smaller plant is a good option for people that want to grow indoors or for those with limited outdoor growing space. Ruderalis strains thrive easily inside, even without special lighting, because their auto-flowering ability makes it possible. Medicinal cannabis users may prefer Ruderalis strains over those from other species because they typically have high levels of CBD rather than THC.

420 Weed Seeds For Sale in the Usa

Top 10 Seeds for 420 Production

A familiarity with marijuana strains makes seed ordering easier. Shoppers must understand the typical reactions, either pleasant or adverse, for the most popular options on the market. The knowledge enables people to choose based on the sensation and growing experience they want.

Gorilla Glue 420 Seeds

The Gorilla Glue strain contains a potent THC level of about 25 percent. The name arose because of the gluey feeling in the brain after use. The strong high causes haziness, euphoria, and separation from the realities of the world. The effect often travels throughout the body too and makes movement unlikely for several hours. The strain appeals the most to those who want a smoke that offers better sleep and pain relief. A chemical aftertaste follows the initially sweet and sour flavor. Gorilla Glue flowers in about 8-9 weeks.

Bruce Banner 420 Seeds

Bruce Banner offers a high THC level of up to 29 percent and an aggressive kick of energy. The change from mild-mannered smoker to an energetic powerhouse could explain why this strain earned the name of the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego. Bruce Banner meets the needs of people that want more creativity, an uplifted mood, or an effective painkiller. Bruce Banner strains can cause paranoia and dizziness and often bloodshot eyes and dry mouth. Expect a strongly pungent odor and a citrus-sweet flavor. Maturity takes place in about 10 weeks. BruceBanner also comes in Regular marijuana seed.

White Widow 420 Seeds

White Widow remains one of the most well-known strains in the world, thanks to three decades of popularity in Dutch coffee shops. The potent strain gives a kick of energy and a nice hit of euphoria throughout the high. White Widow also enables smokers to engage in deep conversations as they expand their creative pursuits. Expect an herbal aroma and flavor and a hint of pepper or pine. Most White Widow seeds flower in about two months.

Pineapple Kush 420 Seeds

Pineapple Kush can produce a powerful reaction that leads to giggling, euphoria, and extreme inactivity for some people or when using too much at one time. Experts with Pineapple Kush recommend all first-time users sample the strain in the evening or whenever they have no reason to stay active and attentive. A mild sedating effect, along with an uplifted and pleasant mood makes Pineapple Kush popular recreational 420 seeds.

Pineapple Kush gets its name from its strong pineapple flavor that also includes a touch of mint. The smell of pineapple dominates but most smokers will also notice butter and caramel undertones. Plan for a medium-sized plant that grows easily and flowers in about 8-9 weeks. Slightly larger growth takes place in outdoor gardens.

Great White Shark 420 Seeds

Great White Shark earned its name from a powerful kick of elevated levels of THC. Many may want to consider this strain for their medicinal 420 seeds. People report fewer muscle spasms and relief from arthritis pain with its use. Many also tout the ability of Great White Shark strains to reduce anxiety and depression. The long-lasting effects make it especially appealing.

Great White Shark may not appeal to everyone. The strong skunk smell and taste can seem overpowering. Many dedicated GWS users believe the citrus, lavender, and clove scents and taste provide balance to the weed. The plants will flower in about 10 weeks.

Candy Kush 420 Seeds

Candy Kush has a pine tree scent with a touch of sweetness and a fruity flavor mixed with a mild earthiness. The colors of the buds that often come in mixtures of blue, purple, and pink are one of the most popular features. Candy Kush can lead to extreme happiness and relaxation. Restrict the use for evenings and other periods of inactivity because people often lack energy throughout most of the high.

Medicinal users will enjoy it as an insomnia treatment or to reduce stress. It is also helpful with a poor appetite. Some users report feeling dizzy, paranoid, and experience an increase in their stress levels. Candy Kush is auto flowering and grows easily. Budding occurs at about nine or ten weeks. Expect a short plant that does well when grown indoors or out.

Harlequin 420 Seeds

Most Harlequin smokers experience an increase in creative thoughts and an elevated level of happiness. Like most Sativa-dominant strains, Harlequin has a relatively equal mix of THC and CBD. The flavor starts with an initial hit of mint, followed by earthy or flowery notes.

Earthy and mild also describe the scent that often includes a hint of vanilla. The designer of Harlequin planned to use it for concentrates, but the elevated level of CBD makes it more popular with smokers who want a mild high. Expect to feel warm and relaxed during its use. Dry mouth is the most often reported adverse effect.

Harlequin strains will flower in eight to ten weeks. It has a high resistance to most crop diseases. The plant is easy to grow, but its height makes it easier to tend when planted in a roomy greenhouse or outdoor garden.

Snow Ripper 420 Seeds

Snow Ripper is a cross of multiple pot strains that include Afghani, Ginger Ale, and others. The strain has a pleasant sedating effect that makes it useful for medicinal and recreational use. The fresh flavor and aroma also include a woody and spicy scent and taste. The Snow Ripper strain comes in feminized seeds only, and flower in about 8 weeks.

White Amnesia 420 Seeds

White Amnesia gives a strong psychedelic effect that kicks in after a sudden boost of energy. The brand works best for those that want an uplifted mood and less fatigue. It is a popular recreational choice but can also function as medicinal marijuana for those with depression. White Amnesia strains have a mildly spicy, herbal scent and flavor and can tolerate cool temperatures. The plant matures in nine to eleven weeks.

Wedding Cake 420 Seeds

Other names for Wedding Cake include Birthday Cake and Pink Cookies. The flavor mix is sweet, sour, creamy, and tangy. Wedding Cake has a mossy and citrus-like smell. Wedding Cake also releases a spicy sandalwood aroma when crushed. Some smokers may find the strain too harsh and develop mild to moderate throat irritation. Wedding Cake also works well as a concentrate for anyone that enjoys the high but cannot smoke the weed comfortably.

Wedding Cake packs a powerful punch through a slow warmth that spreads through the body. Many people also experience a heaviness in their arms and legs that feels unusually pleasant and increases throughout the high. Most smokers who use Wedding Cake receive an energetic and creative spark and an increase in their arousal and stamina.

Adverse reactions like dry mouth and bloodshot eyes commonly occur with its use. It is also normal for people to experience a deep plunge in their energy after the initial high fades. Medicinal uses for Wedding Cake include relief from anxiety, depression, and arthritis pain. It is unlikely the strain will raise paranoia or anxiety levels as other strains might. Wedding Cake typically flowers in about eight weeks.

Experimentation enables people to find the strain that suits their needs and meets their interests best. To choose from the best selection of 420 seeds for sale, contact Weed Seeds USA at 1-844-807-1234 to learn more. Experts staff members will help you find the right mix of flavor, aroma, and experience. Try one type or select several from a diverse inventory to sample the results.

WSUSA is your 420 Seed Bank in the USA


How to Buy 420 Seeds in the USA

Differences exist with cannabis seed shopping compared with traditional online shopping. The differences are serious enough to require more effort on the part of the buyer. Everyone must consider any federal, state, and local regulations that could affect the transaction. Few legal repercussions occur today in the United States for ordering or possessing pot seeds, but the confusion caused by ever-changing regulations related to marijuana use can lead to shipping delays.

Shoppers should contact the retailers to avoid any conflict with local laws. Contact made through email, online messaging, or by phone enables the client and company to verify the order and shipping details. The calls also allow customers a chance to ask questions and learn more about the origin of the ganja seeds. Contact made with Weed Seeds USA at 1-844-807-1234 will connect consumers with an expert. It is the best way to get information about the various strains, tips for starting and growing seeds, and any other question the shopper may have.

How to Buy 420 Seeds Online

Buying weed seeds online is like shopping for any other product. Shoppers need to find reputable sellers that offer a high-quality item and excellent customer service. For 420 seeds US grown remain the most reliable choice because the consumer can have more security in the harvest’s quality. Choose a seller with a diverse inventory because most people experiment with multiple strains to find the flavor, aroma, and experience they prefer. The desired growing system and size of gardening space can also determine the best option for the grower.

420 Seed Bank Online

Common Misspellings, Versions and Abbreviations

Many resources exist to research US 420 seeds for strains and species of cannabis sold in the United States. Anyone that wants to learn more about the best 420 seeds should review the information. Use caution during any search to prevent misinformation. Some articles include the term 420 incorrectly written as four twenty, four 20, or even 4:20. Other misspellings may also appear in some articles. The websites that write the number in these ways may not always have accurate information.

Interesting Facts About 420 Seeds

Cannabis culture makes growing pot seeds an even more enjoyable hobby. A little trivia knowledge about marijuana can make it easier for anyone to join a conversation with other like-minded individuals.

  • In 1971, a group of high school students created the term “420” as a private signal to share their plans to smoke weed. The boys would meet after school at 4:20, so they used the time as a signal. One boy in the group told the story years later when working as a Grateful Dead roadie. The band heard the story, liked it, and helped spread the term.
  • Cannabis seeds may offer unique experiences, but they all look alike. Their appearance is one of the most important reasons consumers should order 420 seeds online from a reliable seller. The professionalism of those who harvest, store, and sell seeds is the only way buyers can have confidence they received what they ordered.
  • It is safe to eat 420 seeds. Pot seeds have plenty of protein and essential fatty acids. The snack will not cause any problems with drug tests and is safe for children because THC develops in the flower of the plant.
  • Growers should always keep their seeds stored in the refrigerator. Cannabis seeds stay fresh and viable when kept in dry environments that have a consistent temperature of about 45-degrees. Refrigerators perfectly meet this standard.
  • Retailers offer feminized seeds separate so consumers can choose which version they prefer. Despite being sold separately, they are the same as all other seeds in how they germinate, grow, and the storage they need.
  • Ordering anything but American 420 seeds might lead to shipping delays. Seizures of cannabis seeds sometimes take place at international borders.
  • Cannabis seeds look alike and color, but they can vary in size. The size does not determine the strain or species. The seed size also does not determine how large the plant will grow or what to expect for the quality of the mature plant.
  • Ancient cultures used cannabis and hemp for medicine, food, and more according to many scientists. Proof of these theories arrived in 2007 when archaeologists found dried cannabis seeds in a 2700-year-old grave in China.
  • A single cannabis plant can produce over 1,000 seeds during its lifetime.
  • Chronic seeds produce a potent strain of Indica cannabis. Chronic is also a term common with many in the pot community to describe stronger than expected weed.
  • Representatives from 180 countries signed a global marijuana treaty in 1961. The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs removed the criminality of possessing marijuana seeds. The leaders hoped to protect residents who crossed borders from pot-friendly countries into those with more stringent regulations.

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Where Did 420 Come From?

Cannabis culture has generated a slew of slang words and phrases. For those who’ve asked themselves why is it called 420, there is a back story behind the term. Some may think it is a police code for marijuana but that is incorrect. 420 is this planet’s international pot-smoking time. It is also a day to be celebrated by millions every year on April 20. It’s kind of a funny story how this famous time came to be and, ever since High Times mentioned it in 1998, stoners everywhere have been appeased with a story of daring and adventure.

To answer the question of what is 420, we must travel back to 1971, when a young group of teenagers who called themselves the Waldos decided that they would meet in front of their San Rafael High School at 4:20 p.m. near the Louis Pasteur statue. The crew would then embark on a journey hoping to discover a hidden crop of cannabis, tucked away in the woods, and for which they had a genuine hand-drawn treasure map.

Calling their exploits the 420 Louis, they had many repeated failed attempts to discover the secret field of weed. Their unsuccessful reconnaissance missions wore on them and, over time, their code name was cut simply to 420. After a while, they had to concede defeat over unearthing their coveted cannabis, but the term remained to become their mantra for enjoying their afternoon puff.

So, 420 has a colorful history and stands for anything weed-related. The phrase first made its way into High Times Magazine in 1991, though it would not be until 1998 that editors ran the story of the 420 Louis and generations have been enjoying the unity of this catalyst of community accords. For all you 420 yay-sayers out there, Weed Seeds USA has the beans to help you see success with all your 420 science.

What Does 420 Friendly Mean?

Cannabis consumers all over the world, as they puff their favorite puff, enjoy contemplating the 420 meaning. To some, it means work is done and it’s time to chill. For others, it’s a hike to the top of the mountain for a 420 with a view. To some clever teenagers, it may mean a 24-hour, 4:20-4:20 marijuana marathon, or waiting for the bell to ring so they can get home to hit that 420 bong. To those who take pride in waving the 420 banner it represents a sense of solidarity with all their like-minded endo enthusiasts across the planet. What does it mean to you?

420 friendly, put simply, means that you are hip to the green, or that you support those who are. It means that you appreciate indulging in some wacky tobacky and for those who do not indulge, you do not mind the fact that others do. It implies that you are not going to call the cops if someone lights up a joint at the beach, or get upset if imbibers want to make a stop at the dispensary on the way home. Being 420 friendly is an elevated state of mind, an acceptance of the preferences of those around you and, for those who partake, you already know all about why we have so much love for our cannabis.

To those searching for a relationship, being 420-friendly is sacred to leaf-lovers and, in most cases, can be a deal-breaker! Cannabis consumers tend to be pretty die-hard fans, devoted dabbers, so to speak. Meeting someone who is not hip to the herb is an automatic red flag and something weed enthusiasts have trouble wrapping their heads around.

So, what does 420 mean? Whatever it means to you, there is some happy toker on the other side of the world thinking the same thing as they twist up a joint and contemplate our sacred and international pot-smoking time.

What is 420 Day?

Wishing someone a happy 420 is not just run by the clock. There is one day every single year upon which we celebrate, to our very foundations, the positivity of pot and we do it all across the globe.

April 20th, known as Cannabis Day in Canada and Weed Day in the U.S., is the one day of the year when cops keep the peace as flower power people take to the streets in marches and parades, for the sole purpose of shouting it from the rooftops. Everywhere across North America, Great Britain, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceana, people put flame to flower in the name of the great plant of ages, speaking to the masses of the benefits enjoyed by coneheads everywhere.

So, to those who wonder why is 420 weed day, we say why not! We enjoy any chance to celebrate that which we love, no? So of course we are going to celebrate that which provides so much love, joy, and freedom to so many millions all around the world. Few other movements are as globally uniting as a 420 party, so kick it up, enjoy, wave the flag of weed freedom on weed day, and juice it up with the masses.

When Is 420 Day 2021?

Curious how many days till 420? It’s the same day every year people! April 20th! If you cannot wait, then we suggest practicing each day, twice a day if you have the time, and perfecting your 420 skills for when that fateful spring day arrives.

Weed-lovers are always excited about everything 420. There is so much weed, so many tricks to growing, drying, and curing and so many new laws and communities popping up, that it pays to slow down a bit. This is especially true during the pandemic crisis. We want you to be safe and to have fun but, though we would love people to do their part and stay at home, there are always celebrations to be had and you had better believe that some folks are gonna hit it hard come 4/20.

420 Ganja Seed Bank

So, if you want to know how many days until 420, why not get prepared by growing the best 420 seeds? Weed Seeds is always going to be the best bet when you want beans that are specifically designed to make your 420s that much better.

Weed Seeds is for those searching 420 seed bank near me. Our dank 420 seeds are the cat’s meow, selected from only the finest and most dedicated breeders, guaranteed to satisfy. Our seeds are American grown specifically with distribution to home horticulturists from Timbuktu to Texas at heart. We supply all of Canada and the U.S.A. with a wide and genetically diverse selection of peas ready to pop an award-winning garden. When you want a seed bank you can trust, which changes with the times, trust Weed Seeds.

Cannabis Seed Deals

Those outdoor home growers in America’s drier places may need something like our Vegas 420 Club when looking for deals in the desert. Cultivators all over America strike gold when they shop with us. Our Michigan 420 seeds are ripe and ready for all our northern growers who need to utilize a controlled environment.

Weed Seeds also has deals for those who like to shop in bulk. Breeders need heaps of seeds to scope out the right female and the right male for the perfect experiment. Commercial cultivators may enjoy shopping bulk when searching for a new strain without using pre-ordered clones. Any way you slice it, we have a deal for everyone, and, considering the quality and satisfaction we guarantee to buzzy consumers each day, our beans are a no-brainer.

Marijuana 420 Strain Indoors

Growing weed indoors means that you can always have a constant supply going, regardless of the weather outside. Some places, perfectly suited to growing pot, experience tornadoes or hurricanes, others encounter intense heat and stubborn dry air. Still, others live in places where a sativa is the balance they are looking for, but the outside world is completely inhospitable.

For all these reasons and more, 420 lovers are cultivating crops indoors. The possibilities are endless when you decide to take the show inside. Home horticulturists are popping up everywhere, taking advantage of the wondrous new freedoms many of us on this continent are enjoying so they can grow that sacred 420 green.

420, whether it’s the time, the day, or the celebration, is sacred to us, and, when you light up that perfectly grown, perfectly dried, and perfectly cured green, you know that indoor cultivating is worth the work.

Pot Seed Review

Now that you have found the source for America’s finest 420 seeds and picked a few strains to pop into your plot, it’s time to grow that weed and review those strains.

We love to know how our consumers’ experiences go, so we are always happy to hear from you. Tell us about your weed-growing highlights and issues! If you feel apprehension about bragging, let it go. What went right or wrong? What was your first 420 like after popping open the curing jar for the last time? Everyone’s experience is different, and every garden tells a story.

We are sincerely dedicated to providing the most pleasurable shopping and growing experience we can, so we support all our customers just as much as we support our homegrown products. So do not hesitate to reach out! We are always here to help every 420 be all it can be.

420 Seed Sales from Weed Seeds USA

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Are 420 Seeds also cannabis seeds ?

Yes, 420 seeds are synonyms for cannabis seeds.

Are 420 Seeds also marijuana seeds ?

Yes, 420 seeds are also known as marijuana seeds.

Are 420 Seeds also weed seeds ?

Yes, weed seeds are an alias of 420 seeds.

Are 420 Seeds also pot seeds ?

Yes, 420 seeds are known in baby boomer demographics as pot seeds.

Do 420 Seeds have thc ?

Yes. 420 seeds generally contain THC above 0.3%.

What are some other names that people search to find a 420 Seed Bank online ?

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